How To Get More Organic Traffic To Your Website? (20 Free Tips)

There are many strategies that can help you get more organic traffic to your website or blog.

Your affiliate program will work best if you are able to get enough traffic onto it.

You have to attract a good amount of quality traffic to improve your chances of getting sales through your site.

To make this work, you have to put a good deal of effort into whatever you plan on doing through your site.

Here are the top 20 important things you should do if you wish to discover how to get more organic traffic to your website.

Each of these strategies is guaranteed to help but you have to implement them.

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Always keep the blog on your site updated and open for people to read.

Let everyone who comes to your site know what makes it special and outstanding.

A site that has more blog posts on it is always easier for people to trust.

It shows that you are very interested in talking about things and that you want people to be interested.

2. Exchange With Other Sites

Exchanging your posts with other sites is always a great idea.

In the online marketing terms, it’s called “ guest posting “.

You can get a blog post onto someone else’s site and that other person can post something on yours.

Test it out to see how well this can work for you.

Offer an exchange with someone who has an interest that is similar to yours and is not a direct competitor.

3. Host a Special Video or Audio Event

Having a webinar or other instructional video or podcast on your site makes your work more intriguing.

Use a webinar to talk about something of interest that you are knowledgeable about.

This could be anything that you have in-depth knowledge of and which you feel would be tough to just write about on your site.

A webinar can even come with more detailed examples or organic speech.

Anything that sounds more realistic and genuine is always helpful to make your site visible.

4. Improve Your Site Performance

Anyone who is curious to learn “how to get more organic traffic to your website”, must first focus on improving the overall performance and speed of the website.

Akamai Technologies, in a study a few years ago, found that a person will typically wait for three seconds for a site to load.

Any site that takes too long to load up will be quickly abandoned and forgotten.

This timing reduces to two seconds for the 18–24 age group.

People want the information from a website right now.

Follow these simple steps to improve your site speed and overall performance.

  • Use files and media that take up less disk space when planning your site.
  • Test it regularly to see that the site actually works and that it will not struggle when trying to load.
  • The simple way to check the speed of your website pages is to test them through Google PageSpeed Insights. Simply enter your webpage URL into the search box and hit the “Analyze” button. It will analyze all the elements on your webpage and generate suggestions to improve the speed of your page.

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5. Add Meta Content

Meta content is the information that people will notice on a search engine before they click on your site.

It’s still so much relevant and important for getting the organic traffic through SEO from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The meta work you have must be distinct and informative.

You need a quality meta page title that lists all the keywords that you wish to target.

This could include data on what people will expect to find on your site.

  • The title needs to be about 50 to 60 characters.
  • The meta description is a little longer in length.
  • It can be about 130 to 150 characters long.
  • The description has some extra detail about what you wish to say on your site.

For instance, you can use the following for a lawn care site that caters to people in the southeastern United States:

Meta title: Mike’s Southeastern Lawn Care Hub

Meta description: The best plans for lawn care in the south always work when you have the right equipment and enough know-how for the task.

They include keywords like “southeastern lawn care” and “lawn care in the south” to make the content more attractive.

While these meta features are useful, you have to look carefully at how well they are organized.

You need to plan a great series of keywords that fit in naturally within your content to make those features visible.

Make sure these meta points are handled with care.

Prepare a great meta setup to ensure your site thrives and has an understanding layout.

If you are using a WordPress blog, use any of the popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math or All-In-One SEO to take care of the meta and other SEO aspects for your blog.

6. Keep All Duplicate Content Off Your Site

Duplicate content is content that appears on multiple pages on your site.

Avoid duplicate content or else your site will be harder to access on a search engine and look unprofessional.

Use a program like the Duplicate Content Tool to help review everything on your site to see if there are any duplicates.

This should help you to see if you have content that has to be eliminated or changed due to it being too similar.

7. Use Intriguing Headlines

The headlines you produce on your site are important for grabbing the reader’s attention.

Producing quality headlines makes people more interested in seeing what you wish to say.

Did you see how one post in this guide was all about making $11,000 or more per month in affiliate marketing?

That is an example of a headline that is very interesting.

Saying “You can make $11,000 or more each month with this simple strategy” is intriguing as the reader will want to learn more about what you are trying to highlight.

You can use many points in your headline:

  • Start by using words like “why,” “what”, “how”, etc.
  • Include a numbered list like the title of this specific post.
  • Highlight statistics in your headline if you can.
  • Add words or even a preview of your content to create a line that might make someone curious.

You do not have to directly explain what the subject of your post or site is; just add enough details that make the customer want to click on a link.

Offering a promising headline is always great but make sure the content delivers.

See that your copy gives the audience something interesting and worth reading.

Also, try to keep things from being overly clickbait-like in nature.

Here’s an example of what you should consider:

Great Headline: Keeping Your Mower at a Proper Height and 9 Other Tips for Lawn Mowing

Bad Headline: 10 Points for Lawn Mowing that will Surprise You

The great headline lets the reader know that your content has substance and that it has numerous things that might make a difference.

The bad headline just sounds too vague.

People are not always willing to click on things that might sound like clickbait material.

Although something like “15 Great Ideas for Losing Weight (#8 is amazing)” might sound promising, this could create a recipe for disappointment because you are hyping something far too much.

A headline like “The Right Vitamins, Exercises, and Other Plans for Losing Weight” is better because it is inviting and encourages the reader to see what makes your content so important to read.

8. Use Social Media

Social media platforms are vital for getting your website running well.

With the proper social media presence, you can make your voice heard by a larger group of people.

Social media links can be posted onto your website with ease.

You can add links on your page to your Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Pinterest and any other pages you might have.

As you add these social media links on to your site, it becomes easier for your work to be highlighted.

Doing so makes it easier for you to get referral organic traffic to your website and it becomes visible to more people.

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9. Build an Email List

One of the best ideas for bringing traffic to your site is getting in touch with your clients on a regular basis.

This involves the use of an email list.

An email list is a setup where you will send regular updates of your site to people who have subscribed to it.

You could send weekly notes about what is happening on your site or any special offers that your merchant has to offer.

This is perfect as it invites people to get onto your site more often.

It does well for all compensation options including ones based on the clicks that go toward your site and how many impressions a message makes.

It can also help you get more people to your site through referrals.

People can forward your emails to others, thus increasing your program’s overall exposure.

However, you must stick with a rigid schedule for posting things online.

Make sure the signup form on your site is easy to find.

Allow people the option to opt-out of your email list at any time.

An unsubscribe message at the bottom of your emails can be used to let people know what they can do to get off the list so they will no longer receive emails.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best email marketing tools.

My personal favorite among them is GetResponse as it offers close to 99.99% spam-free inbox delivery at cheaper rates.

10. Target Profitable Keywords

The next tip is to think about the keywords you are using when you are attempting to reach your general audience.

In some cases, traditional search engines might be a go-to to help you understand what is available.

For instance, go on Google and type in the keyword you are trying to promote.

You should see some related keywords as they pop up.

Enter in a keyword phrase like “immune system” and you will see many additional keywords that relate to allergies, vitamins, diseases, cells, and more.

You could use a new keyword like “immune system vitamins” if you want to promote a health goods store that sells such vitamins.

Look at synonyms with your keywords or ones that include terms that are relevant.

When working with ‘immune system vitamins,” you can add keywords like “antioxidant vitamins” or “supplements to prevent colds” among others.

You have the right to choose as many of these keywords as you want, provided they introduce appealing terms and smart ideas.

No matter what they are, you must use keywords that are relevant and logical to the subject.

Plan your work right and it becomes easier to go places with your content.

Review your comments on your blog regularly to see what ideas are sent.

A great affiliate marketing website will include a comments section that lets the audience give you feedback.

You can get information from your readers about what you are doing which lets you know if you need to change things around to make your work a little more inviting.

However, as you use these points from your readers, you must look at their backgrounds.

It is easier to trust in feedback from people who have been in your industry for a while and understand whatever market it is you are trying to promote.

12. Check The Reviews of the Products You’re Promote

Take a look around the online world to see what reviews people are posting about whatever you are trying to discuss.

Sometimes these reviews might provide you with interesting bits of data relating to what you wish to promote.

Getting information from others who have actually used what you are promoting is vital to your success.

This data can help you look more closely into what people have to say about something of interest to you.

These reviews do not always have to be positive.

  • Check on negative reviews to see what issues people have.
  • You could address them and come up with solutions or responses that help with resolving these issues in a constructive and sensible manner.
  • Offering this information always helps you to grow your site and make it more valuable.

It can help you make your site stand out and be helpful for more people.

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13. Add More visual Elements

Visual information always attracts people and is uniquely helpful in bringing in an audience.

Your audience might like your site a little more if you can post pictures or infographics that are clearly labeled and organized while being easy for everyone to understand.

Think about how the USA Today newspaper became so popular.

That newspaper used many visual data to summarize and explain important studies or other things.

In fact, USA Today continues to be viable and popular today thanks to its strategy of using so many visual flourishes to make its content visible and easier to use.

It is impressive to see what makes the paper a strong player in today’s media world; the odds are you can do the same with your own website to create something a little more memorable and valuable to the reader.

  • Make sure you optimize these visual bits of data.
  • You will have to edit the meta title and description for any picture you use.
  • Small text descriptions on each item you produce can be utilized as well.

The general goal is to produce something that people can actually read.

14. Connect With Your Visitors

Getting people onto your site is one thing and creating a bond with those people with you is another.

You are more likely to get repeat visitors and referrals to your site if you can identify with the people who visit it.

You have to post messages or stories or other things that relate to the needs of the audience.

Have you tried to get in shape in recently?

Maybe you lost weight and you want to promote great health care products and supplements on your affiliate page.

You could incorporate more personal content on your site about the struggles you had getting in shape.

You can discuss how using certain products help you get the body that you wanted and how those products or services can do the same for your readers.

Your readers will appreciate it when they notice how much you care.

15. Use a Uniform Template For Your Entries

A great template can help you keep your work more interesting in the eyes of your readers.

The best layout for your work includes a smart template that clearly illustrates whatever you want to say to others.

The template itself must have a logical layout.

It needs the same colors on each page and the data have to be laid out in the same way.

A uniform approach keeps the site consistent so that it is easy for anyone to use it and load up information easily and quickly.

16. Be Current And Up-To-Date

Look at how relevant your content is.

Make sure everything you produce is up-to-date and mentions the latest developments regarding the items you are promoting.

Highlight whatever might be new or interesting in your field and your audience will appreciate what you have to offer.

Be careful when deciding what to add to your site.

You should try to find content that will work for a while and is not going to expire quickly.

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17. Optimize Your Keywords

You could work with any kind of keyword you want on your site.

This is provided that the keyword relates to your content.

Also, do not use the same keywords too many times.

Search engines can tell when you are using a keyword too often and might penalize your site as a result.

Be careful when making changes to your site.

18. Be Transparent With Your Audience

Be transparent about everything on your site.

People want to be told the truth.

You have to be direct with the audience if you want them to really see what your site is about.

  • Be open with others about what is on your site and how the content on it is laid out.
  • Explain to people about what makes your work important.
  • Maybe you could share a personal story or two.
  • Always communicate with your merchant about the work you are doing.

No one wants to feel cheated.

Besides, talking about your site with your merchant will help you get your search engine rating to improve as well as add more keywords and content relating to the site.

19. Reaching a Specific Type of Audience

Many people think that they can get more traffic on their sites if they target the general public but that does not always work.

Do you really think that a 16-year-old girl would be interested in power tools?

A 45-year-old baseball fan might not have much interest in the classical theater either. (There could be a slight crossover but it is doubtful).

Look at what you are promoting and think about who is more likely to use what you are selling.

Consider who might be more likely to shop with the merchant you are promoting.

Try to highlight that merchant to an audience that is more likely to shop there.

20. Have Fun With What You Do

Just have fun when working on your site.

Create a natural and fun-loving approach to producing your site.

Avoid thinking what you are doing is tough or stressful.

Just give it your best and have fun with your site.

People who enjoy what they are doing are more likely to succeed.

They will be encouraged to work by their interests and the knowledge that anything can happen.

If you feel positive and ready to have fun, you will want to keep on working.

It truly is easy to get traffic onto your website.


Use the ideas listed here to help you understand how to get more organic traffic to your website.

It will not only get your website noticed to more people but make it more valuable in the eyes to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Even if you could implement only half of the strategies mentioned in this post to your blog, you should see a significant improvement in the organic traffic to your website.

Are you struggling to get organic traffic to your website?

Feel free to let me know in the comments below and I’d be more than happy to help you with the answer. 🙂



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